Amazing Day

At Amazing Magnets, we strive to create a spirit of excitement and exploration where we give back to our community starting with the most important part of our business, our Amazing team members. With the creation of the Amazing Day, we are sponsoring our employees to pursue their passions and conquer their personal goals. Each week, Amazing Magnets is honoring our team members by giving them a paid day where they can spend this extra time doing what is most important to them.

What is an Amazing Day? The free day each week is called “My Amazing Day” (AKA-4-day work week) For the Amazing Day, we are going to pay our employees to do what they want, follow a passion, pursue personal interests, see family, work for a charity, catch up on exciting activities, come to work to finalize a project, and do what they want to do to get the most from life.

Why does Amazing Magnets do this? Amazing Magnets believes that a happy fulfilled life leads to happy fulfilled teammates. In this, Amazing Magnets wants to continue to give back to our community starting with our Team Members that make Amazing Magnets a truly exceptional experience to work.

Who qualifies for this day? This is a benefit for full-time employees who work a minimum of 32 hours a week (4 full days) to qualify for the Amazing Day.

How Long are the Work Days at Amazing Magnets? Workdays are 9 hours long with a 1-hour lunch mid-day for a total of 8 working hours