About Amazing Magnets

Our History


Tim Boettcher, while working as an IT manager for a semiconductor company, becomes interested in neodymium magnets. Wanting to share these cool magnets with others, he establishes Amazing Magnets, launching the company and the website from his home.

Tim Boettcher, founder of Amazing Magnets


Within the first five years, Amazing Magnets has reached more than 10,000 orders. The company doubles the size of its staff and moves to Tustin, California.


Amazing Magnets grew quickly in their new Tustin facility. Within a year, they added an extra 75% in new team members. 

Growing the Team at Amazing Magnets


By 2009, more than 50,000 customers ordered from Amazing Magnets. Under the leadership of our CEO, Tim Boettcher, we launched a new, updated website to meet the additional needs of our customers.


The company grew quickly, and the need for more space became quickly apparent. In 2011, Amazing Magnets moved into a larger facility in Anaheim, California.

California Headquarters of Amazing Magnets


More than 100,000 customers ordered from Amazing Magnets by 2015. To meet the growing demand, the company built their new headquarters in Anaheim, California.


Amazing Magnets launches a new line of products on Amazon, partnering with the e-commerce giant to roll out a new distribution and delivery method to better serve their customers.

New Property in Round Rock


Amazing Magnets acquired land to build a new, larger global headquarters located in Round Rock, Texas. This expansion will allow them to build their largest facility ever. 


Amazing Magnets broke ground on their new and improved facility in Round Rock, Texas. This new facility will be centrally located in the United States to optimize shipping to their customers.

New Amazing Magnets facility in Round Rock, Texas


The new Amazing Magnets headquarters will be opening in mid-2022!

Our Company

Amazing Magnets has been a leading provider of licensed neodymium magnets to businesses, hobbyists, educators, and individuals for more than 20 years.

Our Vision

To honor God and improve the world through our people, our products, and our care

Our Mission

Helping companies design, develop, and produce innovative magnetic products that simplify everyday living

Our Quality Policy

Amazing Magnets is committed to total customer satisfaction by exceeding our customer’s expectations and meeting our quality objectives through continual improvement.

Our Values

Amazing Magnets believes the best policy is to do the right thing all the time.

Amazing Magnets does whatever it takes to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing excellent customer service, delivering products on time, and performing in ways that show we care.

Amazing Magnets continuously measures performance and takes appropriate action to maintain Amazing Magnets company standards.

Amazing Magnets works together as a whole team to achieve common goals.

Amazing Magnets strives to continuously improve our people, processes, and products.

Our Principles

  1. Real learning happens when we ask questions.
  2. Owning up to our mistakes demonstrates humility.
  3. Our goal each day is to make one two-second improvement.
  4. The most powerful word in the human language is a person’s name.
  5. Always ask the customer about their application.
  6. When we walk away from something we leave it better than we found it.
  7. If in doubt, the customer is always right.
  8. Take the time to do it right the first time.
  9. Use problems and mistakes as learning opportunities for the future.
  10. Find what bugs you and fix it.

About Licensed Neodymium Magnets

Modern neodymium magnets are made using a patented process. This process combines neodymium, iron, boron, and other minerals to create the uniquely strong and lasting permanent magnets that we sell here at Amazing Magnets.

Because this process was developed, perfected, and patented so recently, the technique used to manufacture neodymium magnets is still subject to intellectual property laws. There are some facilities licensed to use the formula, and these facilities produce LICENSED neodymium magnets. Other facilities have attempted to copy or steal the original process and duplicate it, and these places produce unlicensed or illegal neodymium magnets.

As a company, knowingly using unlicensed neodymium magnets in your project can subject you to legal action from the firms that still hold the patents. As a buyer, you should be aware that unlicensed facilities are not always using the same formulas, techniques, and procedures that have been proven to create high-quality, durable, strong neodymium magnets.

Amazing Magnets will never sell, market, or use unlicensed neodymium magnets, and we can provide detailed supply chain information for every product we sell upon request. We’re committed to operating with integrity and transparency, and we want to provide our customers with only the best magnets available.

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