Neodymium Magnet Add-Ons

Anti-Slip Traction Tape

Stops your magnets from sliding around. Traction tape greatly increases the friction between the magnets and the surfaces they attach to.

Steel Targets to Pair with Magnets.

These steel discs and plates offer a highly attractive target for your magnets to attach. More cost-effective than a magnet to magnet attachment.

Smart Magnets. (Polymagnet®)

Polymagnets® are standard neo magnets that have gone through a special magnetization process to change the shape of their magnetic fields. Polymagnets® can be magnetized to have rotational detents, attract and repel when twisted, and many more unique functions.

Adhesive Backing

3M VHB Adhesive circles. Attach magnets to any surface the adhesive will bond to. These adhesive backings include a protective liner with a pull tab for easy assembly.