USPS International Mail = Normal Delivery time is 1-3 weeks*.

USPS International Priority Mail = Normal Delivery time is 7-10 days*

USPS International Express Mail (EMS) = Normal Delivery time is 2-4 days*

UPS Standard/Expedited = Normal Delivery time is 2-6 days*   

Please note that UPS charges a brokerage fee which ranges between $30-50 for the processing of international shipments.  This fee is not collected by Amazing Magnets, and is charged at UPS’s discretion when the packages are delivered.  Please do not select UPS shipping to international locations unless you are prepared to pay the brokerage fees.

Please note that the USPS Does not guarantee date-specific deliveries, nor do they offer a tracking service for standard International mail parcels. You will receive an email from the fulfillment center when your items have shipped complete. 

*Normal delivery time is the average delivery time as quoted by the USPS. The actual time may be more or less depending on your specific location, or delays in the postal system. No guarantee of time-in-transit is made.

** Amazing Magnets LLC, is unable to ship NdFeB magnets to Japan (either directly or indirectly) due to our licensing agreements with Hitachi, SSMC, and MQI.