Magnetic Glassboard Accessories

GlasMag Glassboard Accessories & Magnets

Amazing Magnets produces a custom line of Glassboard Accessories, under the GlasMag brand.  Products include Strong Glassboard Magnets, Magnetic Glassboard Erasers, Glassboard Trays, Glassboard Marker Holders, Glassboard Paper Clamps and Paper Holders. Many items can be customized with your company’s logo.   All of our GlasMag products are designed perform well on thick 1/4″ Magnetic Glassboards .  If you don’t have a Glassboard, and are still looking for great magnets for your Magnetic Whiteboard, consider our Magnetic Whiteboard Magnets; of course you can still use GlasMag Glassboard Magnets on a Magnetic Whiteboard, they may just be difficult to remove.

Need something Custom? Amazing Magnets is the premier supplier of OEM Glassboard products to the industry. We are here to help you create something special, or even just put your brand name/logo on one of our existing OEM products. Amaing Magnets is here to help you solve your Glassboard Accessory needs. Please reach out to for assistance.

Magnetic Glassboard Kits
Glassboard Kits
Glassboard Kits
Everclean Glassboard Kits
Everclean Glassboard Kits
Magnetic Glassboard Markerholders
Platinum Markerholder
Small Markerholder
Medium Markerholder
Large Markerholder
Magnetic Glassboard Erasers
Classic Eraser
Everclean Eraser
Everclean Refill Pads
Magnetic Glassboard Trays
Space Tray
Platinum Trays
Paper Tray
Glassboard Magnets
Button Magnets
Pawn Magnets
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Multi Shape Packs
Glassboard Accessories
Dry-Erase Marker Magnets
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Enhance your brand presence with custom laser etched logos.