Eddy Current Magnets

Powerful Magnets for Eddy Current Brakes

mazing Magnets produces the highest power neodymium magnets for eddy current brakes and other applications that require high field density.
If you have a question about your application, give us a call to talk to a magnet specialist.

Email: customercare@amazingmagnets.com

Amazing Magnets can produce custom high performance eddy brake assemblies to fit your application.   If you have a specific need, and would like a quote, or for further follow-up you can send in a Request for Quote here -> Request Quote

The magnets listed below are a sampling of our larger magnets which are often used in magnetic assemblies, as part of the eddy current braking systems.  The smaller ones listed could be used for experimental purposes, or proof of concept in an educational setting.

Showing all 13 results

Showing all 13 results