Custom Products

Amazing Magnets has the ability to produce custom magnets in Neodymium, Bonded Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, AlNiCo, Ferrite and Rubberized materials.  All are made to your specifications, with quality guaranteed.

We can produce magnetic assemblies made of metal and plastic, custom housings, custom packaging, 3D prototyping etc.  We aim to be your one stop for your magnetic needs.

Custom Magnets

Custom Magnets

We can provide custom magnet sizes, grades, and coatings to fit your unique project specifications.
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Design Engineering

Our friendly engineers can help you at every step of your project, from conception to production.
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Custom Plastic Injection

Plastic Components

We can help provide injection-molded plastic components and over-molded magnet solutions.
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We help with custom assembly and magnet integration solutions.
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Custom Packaging


We can provide customized graphic design and help you with wholesale or retail packaging options.
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Our team can help with 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and custom laser etching.
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