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I have a great product idea! Now what?

 Engineer drawing
If you have a product idea, perhaps the most frustrating hurdle is not knowing how to navigate the path of turning your concept into a reality.  You know that if you could just figure out how to make your idea into a reality, it would be an amazing product. Not a problem! If you are serious about turning your ideas into something you can hold in your hand, we will lay out all the next steps for you to bridge the gap between concept and product.   

The steps to take a concept to reality are actually quite simple! While many small changes inevitably arise with most projects within each step, the three steps are design for manufacturing (often called DFM by engineers), sampling, and finally, production.   

Design for Manufacturing  

  Often called DFM, design for manufacturing is the process of taking your ideas and creating designs, usually in the form of an engineering drawing, that shows how your product should be made. This includes what materials will be used, what specifications or standards must be met, exact dimensions, and much more. Most people will use an engineering firm at this stage to make sure that their drawings are ready for the next steps. 


  Sometimes called prototyping, sampling is when you finally get to hold a product in your hands for the first time. In the event that the product is not exactly what you had envisioned, this is the important step of ensuring revisions and changes necessary to make your product its very best. Many people will create a prototype at this step with a 3D printer. Another alternative is to get a true sample from the manufacturer. While it’s more expensive, this allows you to refine and see what your product would look like in the next step.  


  Once all the small details have been ironed out, it’s finally time to start making your product. It is at this step that you will need to find a good manufacturer who can make your parts at a competitive price. After that, the only thing left to do is to create any samples necessary and start truly moving your idea into tangible products.    

Still feel stuck?  

  While the overall process might be straightforward, it can still be a lot. You could try to figure it out on your own or you can work with a company with years of experience in turning dreams into tangible products.    Amazing Magnets has a team of engineers, purchasing experts, and manufacturers who can hold your hand through the entire process. From understanding the basics of design all the way to full production, Amazing Magnets takes away the stress of the unknown.    If you are serious about launching your idea and making it a reality, visit our Custom Engineering design page!